Leading Academy of Wines & Spirits (LAWS) is an independent wine education company based in Manchester.

We run online wine courses as well as wine tastings and events for anyone who wants to learn something about wines and spirits and also have some fun while doing that.

We run Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) courses which is a internationally recognized qualification suitable for anyone who works in wine and spirit industry or for anyone who simply wants to learn about wines and spirits.


Courses include theory lessons as well as tastings.

We also organise wine tasting for corporate parties and tastings and your home which can be a great opportunity to spend some time with your friends and drink some wines.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss more details.

Anna Jarosz, Managing Director


Course Details

For specific information about each of our courses, entry criteria and assessment details please follow the links below:



We also run our full range of wine tasting classes at premium locations across Liverpool & Manchester, sampling a range of luxury products from across the globe. Our approaching events can be found in our course calendar.